Subsea success for PR2 valves

In 2016, Norvalves has proved it is possible to be cost effective and still retain the high quality demanded by the industry. The company has reduced the price of the high-end metal seated subsea ball valve by more than 30% over the last the two years without altering any of the component parts. The flexible production line and specialised machine park designed for valve production allows Norvalves to have a short turn around and full control of their production plan.

The metal seated ball valve is designed for use to a depth of 3000 metres and can be operated with full pressure up to 690 bar. The valve is PR2 approved and is normally tested in accordance with PSL 3G. Connections, body design, material and operating options can be modified to suit clients’ equipment. Lightweight and compact design gives this valve great benefit where space and weight are a challenge.

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