Two fugitive emissions qualification tests completed

Pibiviesse has successfully completed two fugitive emissions qualification tests of 60,000 cycles in accordance with ISO 15848-1.

These tests were conducted on a 6″ 900 RF Side Entry Ball valve and a 4″ 900 RF Top Entry Ball valve. Both valves have metal-to-metal seating with TCC and are equipped with PTFE+Graphite stem packing.

The tests were performed according to the specified parameters: Tightness class BH; Endurance class CC2 (60.000 cycles); and Temperature class RT.

These qualification tests were carried out for the supply of Pibiviesse Control Ball valves to a Project in East Asia.

This significant achievement for Pibiviesse demonstrates the successful and safe operation of its products and reaffirms its commitment to manufacturing high-quality products for its valued customers.

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