Tyco invests further in nuclear power

Tyco Flow Control, a business segment of Tyco International Ltd has purchased an 118,000sq/ft facility in Mansfield, Massachusetts, USA. The purchase is part of a more than USD 20 million investment plan to relocate its existing operations in Wrentham, Massachusetts, to a new, modern facility in support of its Valves & Controls nuclear power generation business strategy. The new Mansfield site, scheduled to be operational in Fall 2009, will provide a full range of critical flow control safety related services and products, including main steam safety valves, pressurized safety valves, vacuum breakers and instrumentation valves and manifolds, butterfly valves and control valves. The operation will include engineering, design, quality, inspection, machining, assembly and testing. Dedicated engineering and technical staff will continue to provide a full range of design control and in-house and on-site technical support and services for both new and existing American Society of Mechanical Engineers valve applications for commercial nuclear power generation plants as well as MIL-SPEC relief valves, check valves and strainers used in a wide range of ship system applications for the U.S. Navy. Tyco will employ approximately 80 full-time employees at its relocated facility and anticipates creating additional positions in future years, including both engineering professionals and manufacturing positions.
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