Valve World: Webinar Check valve sizing and selection

Sizing and selection of check valves is not always given. For critical applications, selection and sizing is required. Apart from line size, process parameters come into play.
As for designs, there is no one size-fits-all. There are also sizing/election issues for components such as the spring and the trim. A complicating factor is that knowledge/expertise at the end-user level is deteriorating, along with the awareness level regarding the topic. 
To shed light in this darkness, Valve World will dedicate a live webinar to this topic, with speakers from various backgrounds (end-user, EPC, manufacturer).
The presenters are:
  • Bruno Martin, Piping Material expert at TechnipEnergies. 
  • Jans Schreuder, product manager at Mokveld Valves. 
  • Albert Snippert, sales manager at Hoerbiger.
  • Marty van Tilburg, Sitech Services (moderator)
For more information on this webinar, go here.
The webinar is part of  Valve World Series: a combined program of technical articles, per topic, and three webinars. With this initiative, Valve World has created an interesting mix of print and online knowledge transfer to our readership.
For more information on Valve World Series, go here.
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