VDL Groep acquires Italian family company Olocco

VDL Groep has acquired the Italian company Olocco. Olocco is a manufacturer of so-called rotary valves and industrial diverting valves. With the company, located in Fossano (about 75 km south of Turin), in its ranks, VDL expects to further strengthen its production and sales activities in the Foodtech domain, one of the ‘five worlds of VDL’. VDL Industrial Products from Eindhoven, one of VDL’s operating companies, has been the exclusive representative in the Benelux of the products of industry partner Olocco since the early 1990s. Since then, Olocco has been selling the products of VDL Industrial Products in its home country Italy.

Like Olocco, VDL Industrial Products produces components for industrial installations for the handling and storage of dry materials (powders and granulates), such as rotary valves. These valves dose dry materials from a storage system, like a silo, to a transport or other system or into a machine. Diverting valves are, for example, built-in a pneumatic conveying or suction transport system through which dry materials are guided in a controlled manner to various machines or parts of industrial systems.

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