Weir connects to China

Weir Power & Industrial, which has its headquarters at Bradley, USA, and a site at Ainleys Industrial Estate, Elland, UK, has secured major contracts for its own products and those of other Weir Group operations. In 1998 the company set up a Chinese sales office and a manufacturing operation in 2006. Following a string of contracts for its own range of valves, it is now developing opportunities for the Weir speciality pumps business. The pumps business is now part of the power and industrial division after a shake-up of operations by the Glasgow-based group. Recent contracts include supplying safety valves from Weir Power & Industrial France for two nuclear power plant projects. Hopkinson and Batley-branded valves have also been specified for petrochemical and nuclear power plants. Andrew Will, sales and marketing director for the emerging markets team, said Weir’s production system had also been successfully adopted by its Chinese manufacturing unit. Earlier this year, Weir’s Suzhou factory was included in Siemens’ approved supplier database for its power generation division following a customer audit by the industrial giant.
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