‘XC Series’ hopper outlet knife gate valve technology

ORBINOX ‘XC’ series Hopper Outlet knife gate valve technology is the perfect choice for arduous bulk handling applications. 
The valve can be fitted with the ‘C’ type deflector cone, to protect the body from the abrasive medium, whilst guiding the bulk material through the centre of the valves bore, reducing the potential for any solids getting trapped within the cavity. The body incorporates flush ports, as standard, to allow periodic cleaning.
The ‘XC Series’ hopper outlet knife gate valve has been automated with the double-acting pneumatic cylinder and fitted with the proprietary PneuLINK™ linear-to-rotary integrated control platform c/w a WESTLOCK 1145 Valve Position Monitor, incorporating the 2-off limit switches. The high visibility beacon provides a visual indication of the open/closed positions.
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