ACS Valves are proven safe

ACS Valves conducts a 46-step inspection on each of their valves to ensure product and employee safety. ACS specialists sign off on each step before the different components of their valves can go further in their manufacturing process.

Each separate part of rotary valves are inspected at different stages including: endplates, bearings, rotor assembly, housing, drive guard assembly, driving mounting base, drive package, sprockets and chain, speed switch assembly, final valve assembly and paint.

ACS Valves conducts

The valves are also tested for several components at each stage. Some of these include: casting construction, condition of casting before and after machining, correct sizing and tolerance on various parts, chrome plating, cosmetic appearance, clearances and quality of welding.

ACS ensures that their valves include the options needed for specific application and optimum performance. ACS tests last for ten minutes to make certain not only the valve is running properly, but that the electrical components are as well. Also checking that the gear-motor is working properly and running at proper amperage while also recording the amperage readings during this time.

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