Asco specialised products

Asco Joucomatic is meeting the requirements of machine builders and OEMs who require specialised products, with a new service that provides solutions in the areas of general automation, medical, biomedical and analytical applications, dust collector applications, packaged control systems and even petrol vending. The specialised product service provides solutions in four areas: distributors (manifolds) and distribution islands; actuators; solenoid valves and general valves and filters-regulators and lubricators. Distributors and distribution islands provided under the specialised service are available with multiple integrated pneumatic functions such as flow reducers, progressive starters, isolation valves, rapid purge, pressure switches, specific mounting plates and input modules. They can be optimised for speed performance, up to 8Hz, or for operation up to 60 million cycles, and are offered for operation at both low and high pressures (0.006bar min, 40bar max) and temperatures of (–40C min, +120C max). Specialised actuators are offered in corrosion resistant materials such as stainless steel, with impact resistant (induction-hardened) piston rods where required.

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