BEL Valves secures major contracts

North East manufacturer BEL Valves has been awarded five million pounds worth of contracts to supply gas skid valves to a major Saudi Arabian customer. BEL Valves has received orders from a number of contractors to manufacturer and supply over 200 hydraulically actuated, critical service specification break valves and high integrity pipeline protection system (HIPPS) valves from the BEL Valves site in Newcastle upon Tyne.

The project will develop infrastructure for processing unconventional gas to meet in-kingdom energy demand and reduce liquid burning at power generation facilities.

Unconventional gas refers to the deposits of natural gas trapped in shale and tight sands which have not been commercially viable to produce until recently.

The valves will support the recent development of infrastructure for processing unconventional gas to Arabia’s energy demand and to reduce liquid burning at power facilities.

Designed to withstand pressures of up to 10,000 psi, the valves will be the primary safety system for the project. Fail-safe closed spring return actuators, with a closure time of less than ten seconds, were specified in accordance with API 6A.

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