Bifold’s 48hr Despatch

Bifold has recently moved to larger premises in Chadderton and so have been able to develop many different initiatives due to their expansion within the factory and growing workforce. The initiative that has the biggest impact for customers is that Bifold now has the capability to deliver products, configured and built to order within 48 hours.

Bifold’s modular approach to product design and extremely efficient build and test processes have afforded increasing levels of flexibility as to the number of valve types that can be assembled and tested with very short lead times.

Along with the preferred range that is advertised, Bifold is also able to accommodate reasonable requests for alternative, configurable valve options that the customer may require and are more than willing to cater to individual customer requests. Whilst this 48hr service is applicable to single valves and small batch quantities, Bifold are also able to, within reason, accommodate specific demands for large quantities.

Bifold are dedicated to maintaining the excellence of their products and their new facility confirms their commitment to shortening lead times and meeting customer demands.

They would like to take the opportunity to thank all their customers for their continued support.

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