Clarke declares availability of ¼” Shutter Valve

Clarke Industrial Engineering has recently declared the immediate availability of the ¼” Shutter Valve™ marking the first time in history that a valve this size offers both Class 6 bubble-tight shut off to 3,600 PSI and precise flow control from a fine mist up to full bore.

The new Shutter Valve from Clarke has all of the benefits of previous Shutter Valve designs including zero pressure drop across the valve, reduced turbulence, cavitation and water hammer, and a low torque requirement for actuation. “The ¼” design was a direct response to customer requirements.” said Kyle Daniels, President and CEO of Clarke.   “Many industries make use of this standard size, but the products on the market were adaptations of older valve designs that didn’t lend themselves to precise flow characteristics.  We were able to fix that with this new design. We now offer a full range of Shutter Valve products covering the smaller pipe sizes including ¼”, 1”, 2” and 4” versions.”

A major benefit of the new Shutter Valve is the enhanced rangability – the ability of the valve to go from a very fine opening to full bore. Using Stainless Steel for the body and components adds to the reliability and maintainability of the new product.

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