Azbil Corporation

1-12-2, Kawana, Fujisawa-shi, , 251-8522, Kanagawa-ken, Japan

Azbil Corporation is a Japan-based supplier of automation equipment and systems.
Based on our philosophy of “human-centered automation,” our aim is to apply our measurement and control technology to provide people with safety, comfort, and satisfaction, while helping to protect the environment.
We provide products, solutions, instrumentation, engineering, and maintenance services to help optimize equipment throughout its life cycle, with the aim of solving the problems faced by production sites.
Its Control Valve business has more than 80 years history.

Our business is valued by many customers for its advancedness, high product quality, reliable project engineering and dedicated after service.
The control valve features a compact design that can be installed anywhere. In recent years, it has continued to evolve into a product that comply safety and environmental regulations.
Smart valve positioners are welcomed by many customers as a product that combines robustness and convenience.
The control valve maintenance support system, which was developed utilizing capability of the control system business, contributes to the safe operation of the plant and the improvement of the productivity of maintenance work.