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CMD was established in 1989 by Mr. Luciano Ghirardelli, and is based in Cologne, a small village in the centre of northern Italy. More than 30 years have gone now, and we can proudly assert that CMD products are more and more appreciated by the most qualified valve manufacturers all over the world.

Mr. Ghirardelli’s idea was to channel his long experience in the gasket world into the use of such an outstanding and precious material, as he sensed that the graphite could win the most exciting challenges at the most extreme conditions.

The Company is run by Luciano’s son and daughter, Claudio and Danila, together with their families and CMD still enjoys the advantages of a family-led organization combined with all necessary industrial aspects in projecting, consultancy, technical support, administration and commercial procedures that ensure a perfect product process from scratch to the final user. In fact, CMD’s procedure system has been UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified since 1996.

Our spiral wound gaskets, graphite rings and stem packings, among the others, achieved the total esteem of the valve industry, proved by the most respectable world certifications such as Shell SPE 77/312 Class A and Class B, VDI 2440 (TA Luft) and ISO 15848, obtained by the most qualified valve manufacturers, thanks to the superlative performances our gaskets allow.

Our Stem packings ARMASELAL312® and ARMASTEM® have obtained API Standard 622 Certification and, together with our graphite rings, are also qualified for Oxygen Service up to 300° C by BAM. We underwent very severe tests and rewards come as a consequence when quality is a priority. To mention one, CMD was appointed as a Petrofac Qualified Supplier.

The constant care for future production is the real success of CMD and all departments strive toward continuous innovation. Some of our products are registered trademarks and were conceived by the constant exchange of experience with the technical offices of our customers. New challenges also see us engaged in the development of seals suitable for working in extreme conditions, like the production and the transport of Hydrogen.

Last but not least is our aftermarket and service support to customers that include replacement gaskets with rapid supply to meet all emergent needs. This service is granted the world over at any period of the year and offers specialized engineering solutions too.

CMD customers are as precious as our competent staff and, all together, we fully dedicate our efforts to the total satisfaction of the end users.