Kingdom Flow Control Co., Ltd.

14F-4, 120, Jhongjheng 1st Rd.,, Kaohsiung 80284, , Taiwan, ROC

Since its established in 1973, Kingdom Flow Control (KI) has supplied products for various integrated applications. The headquarters of the KI Group is located in Taiwan. Its two foundries (funded with 100% Taiwanese capital) operate in China. KI is process-oriented, start-to-finish manufacturer. A fully vertical integrated production system is executed in our own foundries to assure consistent quality and on-time delivery. Complete accreditations verify that KI products and managerial systems comply with major international industrial standards.

Product range includes:
•    Soft Seated Ball Valves of Flanged Ends and Threaded/BW/SW Ends.
•    Metal Seated Ball Valves
•    Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves
•    Lined Ball Valves
•    Cryogenic Ball Valves
•    Flanged Gate/Globe/Check Valves
•    Control Valves
•    Pneumatic/Electric Actuators

Available Material:
•    Stainless Steel
•    Carbon Steel
•    Nickel Alloy
•    Duplex