Nihon Koso Co., Ltd.

1-16-7 Nihombashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0027, Japan

Since its establishment the Koso Group has developed a diverse range of high quality Control Valves and Actuators which have been satisfying customer needs for almost 50 years by providing products that match customer requirements — making Koso “the most cost effective valve solutions” company.  Our high percentage of repeat customers and new customers that become repeat customers indicate that we are serving the needs of the industries we serve well.  Our high market share rank in both valves and actuators supports our customer focus strategy as well.

The Koso Group includes multiple companies providing a wide range of products and meeting some of the world’s most stringent quality and material requirements.  The company includes three casting foundries, and production factories in Japan, China, Korea, India (all working under Japanese Quality Standards), the UK and the USA.

Our breadth of valve products go from severe service subsea choke valves, to control gate valves—including multistage choke valves; VeCTor™ multistage trim valves; Single to multiple stage drill hole cage valves; cage guided and top guided valves; concentric and eccentric partial ball valves, control butterfly valves, control and isolation gate valves; thru port ball valves, acid resistant valves, and metal seated ball valves.  Many of the designs are available for cryogenic applications as well.  Turbine Bypass systems and steam conditioning systems including desuperheaters are a key part of our business.

Our actuators include Rexa Electraulic (electric/hydraulic); M-Mac hydraulic; Koso electric motor actuators; and pneumatic actuators of spring and diaphragm, Multiple Spring and diaphragm, Piston – all for both linear and rotary valve applications.

Koso Global Main Sales Offices:
Nihon Koso Co., Ltd., Japan
tel: +81 3 5202 4100
Koso America—REXA, USA
tel: +1 508 584 1189
Koso America—Hammel Dahl, USA
tel: +1 508 584 1189
Koso Kent Introl, UK

tel: +44-1484 710311
Koso Control Engineering (Wuxi) Co. Ltd., China
tel: +86 510 8512 9961
Korea Koso Co., Ltd., Korea
tel: +82 2 539 9011
Koso India Private Limited, India
tel: +91 253 2408 811