Via Boccaccio, 23, 25080 Milonetto di Mazzano (BS), Italy

Penta Srl is a private owned company that started in 1977 the production of Metal Seated Ball Valves for critical conditions as high temperatures (up to +700°C), Low temperatures (down to -196°C) and abrasive and dangerous services.
Penta has developed proprietary technologies for valve metallic seat with the unique self lubricating PENTAFITE material and in-shop fabricated special high pressure resistant Grafoil gaskets.
We cooperate with our Customers all around the world (more than 80% of our production is exported outside Italy) to identify the best model and construction that better meat real working conditions to maximize valve life and update any product to the most modern technologies and solutions.
Penta keeps all informations related to any product available for 20 years as like as spares availability and our workshop is always available for in-shop maintenance of our products.

Since 1995 we are part of the ALFA VALVOLE group of companies, one of the main Italian manufacturer of soft seated ball valves.

The Penta Srl range of products includes:
•    AP series : a medium temperature and pressure valve (up to 350°C in
class ANSI600 or PN100) with cheap price;
•    P40 model : a high pressure (Class ANSI1500) small size valve for high
temperature duties;
•    SAT model, the best design of PENTA to solve the widest range of use
between -100° and +700°C with pressures up to ANSI2500 and many
different metal seats availability, including PENTAFITE technology.
•    SAT Crio model is the extension of SAT model down to -196°C by the use
of polymeric seats and special valve arrangement that guarantee
tightness and operability at any temperature.
•    SAT3 model is an evolution of the SAT with the addition of two Scraper
Rings inside and outside the seats allowing the cleaning of  ball surface
during valve operation, the protection of the seats from abrasion and the
reduction of dirt filling body cavities.
•    MULTIPORT basing on a trunnion mounted construction Penta can
manufacture a range of 3-way metal seated ball valves with “L” port
or “T” port.

100% of all our valves are fully hydrostatically body tested at 1,5 times the maximum rated pressure and then hydrostatically seat tested at 1,1 times and 6 bar seat tested with air to check perfect tightness exceeding ANSI/FCI 70-2 Class VI.

ISO 9001 certified since 2003, the Company has recently obtained also the ISO 14001 certification for the environmental management system.