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Resolute Research – Your preferred source of industrial market intelligence
Resolute Research is a leading industrial market research specialist. We provide clients with high-quality market intelligence on flow control equipment, including complete development of market drivers, suppliers, distribution channels, growth opportunities, trends, threats, and other market dynamics.
What makes Resolute Research unique?
What makes Resolute Research unique is our focus on carefully chosen markets. Resolute Research does not conduct market research in all markets but on a set of determined markets. These markets are all linked to the process industries.
Our research portfolio
• Valve Portfolio
• Pump Portfolio
• Flowmeter Portfolio
Our services
Our research will be presented to you in the form of a report (PDF) or database (Excel). Resolute Research delivers Market Reports, Supplier Databases, and Product Databases.
Market Report
Our Market Reports are meticulously researched documents providing detailed analyses of major equipment, technologies, suppliers, and product segmentations, plus useful insights into market trends, threats, and opportunities. These condensed reports are affordable must-reads for strategic planners and business executives charged with setting corporate strategic direction.
Supplier Database
Our Supplier Databases are comprehensive listings of global equipment manufacturers. For every manufacturer, each of the databases provides information on company name, type of ownership, total equipment sales, sales range, approximate market share, major equipment types manufactured, major equipment brands, and company headquarters.
Product Database
Our Product Databases segment the total available market into equipment types, 15 major industries, and 63 countries covering 96% of world GDP. In addition, they provide five-year forecasts for strategic planning. High-granularity segmentation within each product group provides the detailed breakdown desired by most clients and required for meaningful analysis and strategic planning.
Custom-made research
In addition to these standard product offerings, Resolute Research can deliver custom-made research products. In these projects, we work closely together with the client to tailor research deliverables completely to client expectations.
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