Theoborn Auto-Control Valves

No.119,4th road,3rd avenue,binhai industrial zone,economic and technical,, Wenzhou, China

Zhejiang Theoborn Auto-Control Valves Co., Ltd is dedicated to manufacturing pneumatic actuators and electric actuators.

Our products fundamentally transform the complex traditional usage of valves, incorporating high technology with the control process of valves, greatly improving the efficient usage of valves, largely diminishing the controlling cost and obtaining considerable profits for enterprises. Our company is located in Wenzhou City which possesses a long history of manufacturing valves and actuators. Inspired by our experience of manufacturing valves and actuators, supported by exquisite manufacturing technique, and enveloped with the special innovative consciousness and serious spirit, Theoborn endeavors to culminate the wisdom, aspires to make the best products, and desires to benefit human beings.

Theoborn people believe that we should consider people as boat, consider wisdom as helm and consider seriousness as sail. Theoborn believes that professional technology, along with sincere service, will obtain customers hearts, win customers credits, and move customers.