Ultraflo - USA >> A Subsidiary of Bray International, Inc.

#8 Trautman Industrial Drive, Ste. Genevieve, MO 63670, United States of America

Ultraflo Corporation was founded on the premise that a quality product which is readily available and offered with good customer service would create opportunity and customer loyalty. This premise has not changed over the last eleven years. Since our inception, our product line has undergone numerous improvements to ensure continued quality. This philosophy explains the high level of customer loyalty and product satisfaction Ultraflo enjoys.

Our commitment to customer service is attributable to our inside sales team who have extensive product and application experience. Our inside sales team is always available for questions on application and product fit as well as availability. As with any product, it must be priced competitively.

Ultraflo continually looks for new manufacturing techniques and invests heavily in tooling to maintain its competitive edge. Our investment cast products in both the split body series and one piece body series incorporate the latest in casting technology to provide a clean cast component with improved lead times. While expensive to deploy, the cost and time savings provide our customers and distributors a significant edge over our competitors. As Ultraflo continues to expand its product offering, our emphasis continues to be anchored in our past. Provide our customers the highest quality products when they need them and at the most competitive price.