Electro-hydraulic valve actuator

TriVAX blends the advantages of hydraulic, mechanical and electric technologies with the ease of installation and handling of electric valve actuators and allows the integration of safety functions.
It offers extensive thrust and torque reserves, yet has a considerably more compact design than conventional systems.

Thanks to the closed and piping-free construction of the HOERBIGER TriVAX, leaks are impossible and the drive requires no maintenance for five years.

The integrated electronic system of the TriVAX allows the actuator to be locally controlled using the new graphic user interface as well as remotely actuated via the control center using analog and digital control signals or feedback options. Interfaces with standard field bus systems allow the TriVAX to be integrated in both new and existing automation concepts.

To ensure efficient and safe operation of the system, the HOERBIGER TriVAX is equipped with numerous diagnostic and special functions. The diagnostic data is evaluated, displayed and transmitted to the control center in accordance with NAMUR recommendations.

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