Focus on metal valve seals

Increasing emphasis on reduced maintenance, improved asset management, and fugitive emission elimination are among the main drivers behind a focus on metal valve seals reported by Cross Manufacturing Company.

Environmental challenges centered on the valve stem seals for tackling fugitive emissions, whilst metal valve seats for isolating and control valves can contribute to improved performance and reduced maintenance, especially in high pressure, high temperature, hazardous and corrosive applications.

Cross Manufacturing’s environmentally efficient proprietary forging technology delivers accurate dimensions and increased strength, particularly in the circumferential direction. Regular production encompasses diameters from 12mm up to 2,000mm for high pressure applications in temperatures up to 1,000°C to suit valves of virtually any size and design.

Expertise with stainless steels and superalloys including Nimonics, Inconels, Haynes, and Waspaloy is especially relevant for safety critical applications, high temperatures, corrosive media, and cryogenics. Customers can also benefit from comprehensive technical support and extensive research and development facilities, built on decades of experience and supported by specialist in-house heat treatment and metallurgical laboratory capabilities.

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