Oman fertiliser

Uhde GmbH has signed a letter of appointment with Sohar International Urea & Chemical Industries in Muscat, Oman, to build a turn-key large-scale fertiliser complex on the east coast of the Arabian peninsula. This is Uhde’s second biggest contract in its over 80-year history. The plants will be located at a newly created industrial site in Sohar, about 200km NW of the capital. The complex will comprise an ammonia plant and a urea plant with respective capacities of 2000 and 3500 tonnes per day. The complex is being built on a greenfield site and will include a power generation unit, seawater cooling system, desalination plant and ammonia and urea storage facilities. The natural gas extracted in Oman will be used as feedstock. Uhde is responsible for the entire basic and detail engineering, supply of equipment, construction work and plant commissioning. The end product urea will be exported worldwide as a nitrogenous fertiliser.
The urea plant will be constructed under licence from Stamicarbon (The Netherlands) and the granulation unit will be based on a process developed by Hydro Fertiliser Technology (Belgium). This granulation process is especially environment-friendly and is characterised by granules of a good consistency and hardness. The project will be completed 35 months after the effective date of the contract.

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