Polish contract for Tyco

Anderson Greenwood Crosby, part of Tyco Engineered Products, will supply Polish fertiliser producer Zaklady Azotowe Pulawy Spolka Akcynja (ZAP) with duplex safety valves for the treatment of off-gas in its urea plant. ZAP, acting as a main supplier for fertilisers in the Polish market, has long produced melamine from urea as there is a strong market demand for the product used as hard surface coating in the furniture industry. ZAP’s new high-pressure melamine plant, which will have a capacity of 30,000 mtpy, is currently nearing completion. As a result of this expansion, ZAP is set to become one of the major players in the world melamine market. The new valves will be located in the urea plant under heavy-duty and corrosive conditions, where the off-gas directed for treatment will come from the new melamine plant. The valves duly met the special requirements stipulated by the customer, which included Polish UDT certification and tagging, body drain plugs, special flange facing, 316L bellows, nozzle washing devices, ultrasonic nozzle examination, and ferrite restriction, intergranular corrosion test, and Huey test on duplex castings. The special duplex valves are manufactured by only a handful of specialised companies world-wide, one of them being Anderson Greenwood Crosby in Market Harborough, England.

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