Shell power consultancy service

Shell has launched its power consultancy group to help businesses with interests in power generation. The service is designed to improve and maximise customers’ power generation asset value through operational and performance excellence. Shell engineers have teamed up with experts from South Africa’s Eskom power generation utility to offer this service. The core solutions offered by the consultancy include new power plants and major refurbishments, asset life-cycle planning, power and process plant integration, maintenance improvement, technical support, health, safety and the environment and renewable energy. The new service has already won support from customers with projects in Nigeria, Namibia and India, and further interest in Mexico, California, South Africa and the Netherlands. The power consultancy offers solutions across the power sector with experience in coal, gas and oil fired power plants, while also supporting the developing renewable wind energy programmes. The power consultancy shares resources and expertise with Technology Services International (TSI), a subsidiary of Eskom, to carry out projects around the world. “Whereas Shell Global Solutions has abundant experience of gas-fired power plants, TSI has complementary experience in coal-fired technology,” explains Nick Hauser, global account executive of Industrial Markets – Power at Shell Global Solutions International BV.

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