SKF received a large order of Compact Tapered Bearing Units (CTBUs) for Russian freight car OEM, Tikhvin Freight Car Assembly Plant (TVSZ), an affiliated company of United Wagon Company (UWC).

Under the cooperation agreement, SKF will provide technical support to TVSZ. In 2014, SKF TVER’s manufacturing facility in Russia is expected to produce more than 40,000 SKF axlebox CTBUs for TVSZ freight cars with a 25-ton axle load. SKF CTBUs help increase reliability and extend maintenance intervals. The SKF CTBUs reduce ‘hotbox’ (overheating axlebox) stoppages, as they function at a lower operating temperature than other solutions.

TVSZ is in the process of ramping up production of a new generation freight car and required reliable partners to supply components. SKF CTBUs have met the need of TVSZ, which required delivery of a large volume of high quality bearings at a competitive price. As a result, SKF has become the key supplier of CTBUs for new generation freight cars produced by TVSZ.

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