Valve upgrade introduces Rotork CK actuators

A gate valve upgrade project at a waste water treatment plant in North America has enabled the operator to install Rotork CK modular electric valve actuators.

The new valves are equipped with Rotork CKc double-sealed watertight actuators to provide reliable on/off control, position monitoring, alarm signalling and datalogging of operating history to support asset management.

Among the features introduced with the introduction of CKc actuators at the plant is simple, rapid and secure commissioning and configuration using local controls or a Rotork Bluetooth® setting tool. The modular CK design provides flexibility to suit individual applications, whilst plug and socket connections between modules assist efficient installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Increased valve protection is provided by independent torque and position sensing, continuous valve position indication, even during power loss, and safe, motor-independent handwheel operation.

The Centronik integral starter and control module provides local control and houses a datalogger enabling data extraction for analysis, diagnostics and asset management. For valves experiencing high temperatures or strong vibrations the Centronik module can be remotely mounted in a safe area up to 100 metres from the actuator.

All Rotork CK double-sealed actuators are certified IP68 watertight and temporarily submersible (8 metres for 96 hours), providing suitability for all valves in non-hazardous environments.

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