Valves for pipeline compressor stations

ARCA Regler GmbH in Tönisvorst, Germany, the mother company of the international ARCA Flow Group, has secured orders to deliver manually and pneumatically activated high pressure bypass valves for large compressor stations in North West Europe. The valves are used as bypass valves for huge ball valves (up to 48“), that can only be activated after a certain pressure compensation between entry and exit of the ball valves. The ARCA valves enable the pressure compensation. In addition to their shut off-function they are designed as control valves with multi-stage inner trim to meet the high-pressure difference from 230 bar to 0 bar when the operation is started. Miles of pipeline length are filled through the ARCA valves. For the valves extremely high demands on the material quality, the tightness (leakage V and VI) as well as the functioning prevail. Strict inspection tests according to ANSI standards have to prove the fulfilment of the asked demands in advance.

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