Renewable energy

The “Renewable Energy” news category serves as a central hub, elucidating the developments and strides being made in various renewable energy sectors, including hydrogen, hydropower, wind energy, Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), and more.

This category provides a panoramic view of the ever-growing and evolving landscape of the renewable energy sector. This segment endeavors to bring to the forefront the latest news, breakthroughs, and discussions surrounding the diverse forms of renewable energy resources. It encapsulates the developments, projects, and innovations happening in the sectors of hydrogen energy, hydropower, wind energy, and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), among others, weaving a rich narrative of the global transition towards sustainable energy solutions.

Safe Flow Control in green hydrogen application

Production, storage, and transportation of clean hydrogen contemplate new challenges for the segment of valves and flow control equipment.
The entire group  strives to become a  leading provider of  mission-critical valve  solutions

Featured Story – ARMATURY Group aim to become a leading provider in mission-critical valves

“ARMATURY Group a.s. has been part of the Vexve Armatury Group since 2019, together with companies Vexve Oy and ZMK Technologies GmbH. The entire group strives to become a leading provider of mission-critical valve solutions for five core markets: power generation, natural gas and LNG, steel and iron production, district energy and the petrochemical sector, focussing on lower carbon solutions,” says Petr Groh, CEO of ARMATURY Group.

Maire Tecnimont sign agreement with Greenfield Nitrogen

Maire Tecnimont S.p.A. announces that its subsidiaries MET Development, Stamicarbon and NextChem have reached an agreement with US-based Greenfield Nitrogen LLC, to develop the first dedicated green ammonia plant in the US Midwest.
The modular butterfly valve range enables a vast number of configurations with Neles™ Neldisc™ metal seat and Jamesbury™ Wafer-Sphere™ soft seat.

Featured Story – Neles, the road ahead

Neles can pride itself on 65 years of experience in designing and manufacturing flow control solutions for various process sectors. Building on this foundation of knowledge, expertise and insights, the company is ready for the 21st century with exciting developments in renewable energies and more mature sectors such as oil and gas. One telling example is the revamped butterfly valve range that Neles recently introduced.

KBR and Petron Scientech Inc sign alliance agreement

KBR and Petron Scientech Inc. (PSI) have signed an alliance agreement to license differentiated, energy-efficient, and sustainable technologies for renewable chemicals production.

Dragon LNG plant shutdown completes successfully

The planned maintenance shutdown of the Milford Haven site of Dragon LNG (Wales, UK) was completed safely in June, after approximately one month.

EEMUA welcomes VPI into membership

VPI Holding Ltd (VPI) has become the latest organisation to join EEMUA as a corporate member. VPI is a UK-based power company affiliated with Vitol.

McDermott Joins H2@Scale in Texas and Beyond

McDermott International, Ltd has joined a consortium of public, private, and academic partners collaborating on a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) project—Demonstration and Framework for H2@Scale in Texas and Beyond.

Endress+Hauser supports the green hydrogen coalition

Endress+Hauser announces it is now a sponsor of the Green Hydrogen Coalition (GHC). The manufacturer has donated to the nonprofit and is committed to supporting the GHC’s vision to deploy green hydrogen at scale to accelerate multi-sectoral decarbonization.

Mokveld joins Hydrogen & Industrial valve working group

Hydrogen and Industrial valves is the new working group (WG19) of the CEN (TC 69). The European Committee for Standardization will start working on a standard for Industrial valves operating with Hydrogen, this might be mixtures or pure hydrogen.

Renewable energy

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