Penspen launches Energy Transition Consultancy

Penspen launched its dedicated Energy Transition Consultancy a multi-disciplinary centre of expertise to lead the international energy industry on the pathway to net zero emissions. The Consultancy brings together a range of industry-leading energy transition experts with the know-how to effectively advise clients on low carbon-related opportunities from a project financing and development, regulatory and infrastructure standpoint. The move further strengthens Penspen’s position as a trusted partner in the development and management of infrastructure across the energy sector, providing the technical knowledge required for the industry to reduce carbon emissions and produce cleaner energy across the globe.

Penspen’s energy transition work is built around four pillars of expertise: building new hydrogen & CO2 infrastructure, the repurposing of existing infrastructure for the energy transition, operating with hydrogen & CO2, and maintaining infrastructure to maximise its lifecycle. The company’s work in these four pillars spans a range of services, including: Engineering & Project Management, Asset Integrity, Asset Management, Digital Services, alongside the company’s Centre of Engineering Excellence.

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