Val‐Matic products for the power industry

Val‐Matic’s Quarter‐Turn, Air Valves, and Check Valves are designed to meet the unique needs of the Power Generation Industry in various areas from renewable power to natural gas, nuclear energy, oil, and coal. The QuadroSphere® Trunnion Ball Valve, which is one of the quarter‐turn valves, can handle solids/abrasives and high‐pressure requirements for valves of the Power Generation Industry. 
Air Valves are key elements in a piping system because they maintain system design efficiency and provide system protection. They help stabilize and relieve the pressure automatically that can build up in a pipeline. In addition, Val‐Matic’s Check Valves can be selected based on their overall design and engineering efficiency, longevity, and variety. They are available in a wide range of metallurgies, seating materials, and coatings to handle everything from potable water to abrasive slurries and corrosive chemicals.
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