3/A Vignate Str., 238920 Barzago (LC), Italy


The name “BREMER” exactly draws its origin from the history of the company.
It is the fusion of the words “BREVETTI” (that mean patents) and the surname “MERLINI”, and it is the quintessence of the Italian way of running a company: with high expertise, precision and inventory.
Since the beginning of sixties the company has directed it’s own interest towards a modern valve, new for that period: the ball valve. A new department has been created in order to develop , study and manufacture this type of valve.
Quality was the first target to be achieved and the success did not wait for long. The department of ball valves increased so much that Merlini brothers decided to focus their activity only on this type of valve. Since then the product has been continuously updated according to the most modern materials and construction methods. Bremer has now a product range covering floating and trunnion ball valves from ½” to 30” which can be executed in standard carbon steel or in stainless steel, duplex, super duplex titanium or exotics alloys.
The spirit of the company is to be strongly custom oriented in order to satisfy all kinds of requests. Bremer Valves manufactures and assemblies exclusively in Northern Italy following the API 6D and ISO9001standard.
Flexibility and high expertise allows the development of new products. Bremer Valves is able to satisfy challenging demands for custom made executions, even in small quantities and close time frames.
BREMER engineering department is dedicated to product design and uses the latest 3D software which leads to time and cost reduction for development and the improvement of the product quality.
In real short time BREMER can study new solutions for every customer request.
The sales department is able to issue quotations in the same day of the request or maximum in a few days. Supported by a large stock of finished, machined and raw bodies and components, BREMER ensures quick delivery and service on most products. BREMER has an internal machining department that can guarantee a short lead time even when finished parts are not available on stock. Service includes spare parts, maintenance and retrofitting.

High quality is attested by:
ISO 9001 2001


BREMER tests and certifies all valves according to API 598, BS 6755 part I or DIN 3230. On request BREMER can perform all the following additional tests, internally or using the qualified laboratories:
• Low temperature test
• High temperature test
• Vacuum Test
• Nitrogen high pressure gas test
• Fugitive emission test with Helium
• Cycle tests
• Dye penetrant test
• Magnetic Particles test
• Ultrasonic test
• RX test
Our facilities are at customer disposal for witnessed inspection.

Products range

Floating and Trunnion ball valves, side entry split body 2 or 3 pieces, full and reduced bore, up to size 30” maximum class rating 2500# or PN420 (600 Psi).
Flanged ASME/ANSI and DIN or short ends threaded NPT – BSPP – BSPT and welding ends SW – BW – PE.
• Three and four-way ball valves
• Double block and bleed and single block and bleed
• Mono-flanged valves
• Bottom Outlet
• Cryogenic execution for -196°C working conditions
• Metal seated for abrasive services and high temperature services up to 350°C
• Custom Design
• Locking device, extended bonnet
• Pneumatic, Hydraulic and electric actuators with accessories like switch boxes and control panels
• Optional drain plug, vent plug and by-pass valve
• Special end connection according to customer drawing
• Special seats and seal materials on customer request MATERIALS: carbon steel, stainless steel, Duplex and Super duplex, Nickel Alloys, Titanium and other.