Castflow Valves

Dalia 17, , Humanes de Madrid 28970, Spain

Castflow valves is a valve manufacturer specialized in check valves.
Our range of manufacturing covers DN25 (1”) to DN1400 (56”) and other sizes on demand Ratings PN10/16/25/40/64/ANSI150/300/600# wafer / flanged / lug style.
Valves can be casted in different materials: iron, Steel, Stainless, Superduplex and other special exotic alloys.
Our company has been a reference in many of the most important desalination projects globally. Also we are main supplier of important equipment builders that rely since many years on our professional collaboration and quality.
The proper selection of the non-return check valves for pumping systems is very important and some elements are to be considered for selection.
The type of application, the pressure drop, water hammer and the energy consumption and acquisition costs
For smaller pumping systems these elements are less significant, however in bigger systems these elements can have an important impact on the total energy consumption.
At Castflow Valves we can assist with the technical support in order to select most recommendable valves and materials.
Castflow has developed new improved rubber lined check valves for applications with corrosive fluids. Our retainerless rubber lined check valves guarantees a drop tight valve without weak areas that normal rubber lined valves present.
The complete 1 piece rubber lined valve does not contain glued union of rubber and guarantees a uniform rubber thickness all over the metal surface in contact with the fluid.
In addition, our rubber lined ball check valves are exclusive on wastewater market. For applications with fluid containing sludge, solids, etc. we can offer a rubber lined ball check valve that allows the passage of these solids and resist the corrosion or abrasion of the fluid.
Stainless steel or superduplex ball check valves are another option for corrosive applications.
Our department for develop actually is working on the increment of range nozzle check valves.
Castflow continuously develops new products depending on the request of market. We develop check valves if customers and Castflow have mutual interest. This leads to a close collaboration with our customers.
Castflow valves is a specialized check valve manufacturer wide-open minded for new challenges.

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