PetrolValves S.p.A.

Viale Giuseppe Borri, 42 , I-21053 Castellanza (VA), Italy
PetrolValves, established in Italy over 60 years ago, is a leading valve and actuator manufacturing company with more than 500 employees and a strong presence worldwide.
We provide the best technological and efficient solutions, in compliance with the highest standards of safety and quality, to solve our customers’ needs in the Oil and Gas industry, both in the context of subsea applications as well as offshore and onshore ones.
Our production capabilities include some of the most sophisticated valves and actuators in the market. Our manufacturing process leverages on the most exotic materials and innovative technologies.
PetrolValves’ strategy has always focused on the development of customized products designed accordingly to our customers specific needs that often require a high level of severity applications.
The company’s continuous investment in new technologies, in the development of engineered solutions and specialized human capital has resulted in solid growth and ongoing success.
Recognized as a leader in the valve industry for subsea systems and special applications. The wide range of products includes Ball Valves, Double Expanding Gates, Slab Gates, Gates, Globes and Checks up to 60 inches in diameter and 100 tons of weight.
PetrolValves has distinguished itself and gained prominence within this competitive industry over the years and keeps launching innovative products and new After Sales services to better serve its clients.
PetrolValves has recently inaugurated a new focus factory dedicated to the “AJ Series”.
A Triple Offset quarter turn valve with an exclusive geometry, able to grant an outstanding performance, and a high degree of reliability over time which enriches our wide range of products made in Italy.
Now also offering an innovative and client tailored range of After-Sales services able to maximize plants productivity, profitability and safety such as proactive maintenance programs, field service support, smart valves performances monitoring solutions, warranty extension, engineering support and training and many other special services.
PetrolValves cares about the satisfaction of its customers and aim to provide the highest quality and an excellent service experience.