Valsteam ADCA Engineering S.A.

Zona Industrial da Guia, Pav. 14 - Brejo, P-3105-467 Guia - PBL, Portugal

Valsteam Adca is specialized in the design and manufacture of products for steam and fluid applications.
With more than 30 years on the market, the company evolved into a full service manufacture, assuring in house the complete production cycle: design, machining, welding, assembly, tests, quality control and packaging.

The use of the latest technology on all sectors of the production, allows us to be very competitive, from standard and non-standard series to tailor made products, Valsteam Adca is one of the European companies with the largest range of products:

–    Condensate and compressed air traps
–    Air eliminators
–    Pressure reducing valves
–    Control valves – Adcatrol range
–    Humidity separators
–    Heat exchangers
–    Steam injectors
–    Clean steam products – Adcapure range
–    Engineered solution for steam energy recovery

Our brand may be found in the 5 continents, in over 80 countries and practically in all kinds of industries.
Valsteam is certified by the ISO 9001 standards, and has approval for module H and H1 of the pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC, which guarantees compliance to the appropriate manufacturing process and quality control requirements.

We are a global company, but we kept the best that a family owned business can keep: agility in developing new products, a flexible production and the proximity to our client.